If I could, then I would

If I could, then I would

Lesson overview

In this A2 English lesson, students will listen to an NBA legend explain how he spent his first $1 million, and acquire the skills to use the Second Conditional.


Warm-up discussion

The student discusses how they would spend $1 million and what is the best way to do it. 


Video: How Shaq spent $1 million in one day

Before watching the video, the student matches new words (used in the video) with their meanings (e.g. check, negotiations, jewelry, etc.).
After watching the first part of the video in which Shaquille O’Neal tells a story about how he spent $1 million in one day, the student answers questions based on the video. Then, they watch the second part of the video and discuss more questions. 


Grammar: Second Conditional

The student is introduced to the Second Conditional through a sentence example from the video. The structure and use of the Second Conditional are explained

The student practices the Second Conditional by finding mistakes in sentences, matching sentence halves, and creating second conditional sentences using props.


In the final exercise, the student builds their own Second Conditional chain of events based on the example given.



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