If I can, then I will!

If I can, then I will!

Lesson overview

In this lesson, students will listen to a song about dumb ways to die, and learn to use the first conditional.


Opening discussion

The lesson starts with a few warm-up questions related to safety and the student’s personal experience with accidents and injuries.


Video: Dumb ways to die

Before playing the video about dumb ways to die,  the student gets familiar with the new vocabulary in a matching exercise (bait, out of date, dumb, and private parts).

The student watches the video and answers the questions based on the video.


Grammar: 1st conditional

The student gets familiar with the 1st conditional structure by analyzing a sentence from the video. They learn more about the use of the 1st conditional as well as about common mistakes English students make when using the if structure.

The knowledge is put into practice in an exercise where the student needs to complete the sentences in 1st conditional. They also need to find the mistakes in 1st conditional sentences and correct them.

In a speaking exercise, the student reads a chain of events in the 1st conditional and then makes their own chain starting with If I study English hard...

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