I wish we weren’t so broke

I wish we weren’t so broke

Lesson overview

In this grammar-focused ESL lesson, students will learn how to express present wishes. After being introduced to the structure and use, they will apply their knowledge in various exercises. After watching a video about teenagers’ wishes, students will look for and analyze the grammar structures used to express wishes.



The lesson starts with questions related to wishes and dreams. The student then reads a dialogue and identifies three wishes.


Grammar: Expressing wishes

A sentence is extracted from the dialogue (I wish we weren’t so broke.) for the student to analyze its structure and meaning. It also serves to introduce the grammar point of talking about present wishes. Different structures with wish are introduced and put to practice in the form of correcting mistakes or filling in the gaps to allow the student to acquire new skills.

The student is then given a few situations for which they make sentences with wish.


Pick a card

Cards are organized in groups – subject, verb (+object), and place. The student picks one card from each group and makes a sentence using wish.


Video: I wish my parents knew…

The student watches a video about teenagers talking about what they wish their parents and adults knew. The student answers some video comprehension questions.



The student completes the rules about expressing wishes by matching sentence halves.



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