I told you I’d be there

I told you I’d be there

Lesson overview

In this Grammar ESL lesson, students will review the Future in the Past and language related to changes in plans and career options. 



The lesson starts with a paragraph in which the student identifies verb forms used to express the future in the past


Grammar: Future in the past

The student learns different ways to express the future in the pastwas/were and would. They practice using these structures by completing sentences with the correct verb forms.

The student learns about exceptions related to time expressions (when, as soon as, after, etc.).

Then, they learn how to use passive voice to talk about the future in the past.


Reading: A change of plans

The student reads a text about a man who decided to change his career and identifies examples of the future in the past. After reading the text, the student matches expressions used to describe a change of plans with their meaning (change one’s tune, lose sight of, etc.).


Video: Breaking the mould

The student watches a video about Helen Keller’s life and completes video comprehension practice. They are presented with a timeline on which they mark the most critical events in Helen’s life.


Grammar review

The lesson ends with a review of the future in the past.





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