I need to speak to your supervisor

I need to speak to your supervisor

Lesson overview

In this Business English lesson on customer service, the student will practice expressing opinions, feeling and emotions, agreement and disagreement, making suggestions, and reporting events.


Warm up

The student recalls their own experience with a customer service representative.


Vocabulary: Customer service

To expand the student’s business English vocabulary, work-related words and key expressions will be presented, as well as customer service vocabulary taken from the video for the student to match them with their meanings (glitch, troubleshoot, tech support, etc.). The student applies the new vocabulary in exercises where they complete different dialogues between customers and customer service reps.


Video: Customer service calls in real life

The student watches a satirical video about customer service calls and completes the video comprehension activities.

Next, the student maps out the process of the customer service call they heard by filling in the boxes with the different people or departments that the customer dealt with. 

The student is presented with sentences often used by customer service reps. They need to mark them as positive or negative.


Finally, the student comes up with different ways to respond to “thank you.”

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