I love shopping!

I love shopping!

Lesson overview

In this A2 English lesson, students learn how to use modals of request. They will also acquire vocabulary to refer to shopping, buying and selling. 



The student reads a dialogue between a shop assistant and a customer and identifies modal verbs – can, could, may, must, and should. The use of these modals (ability, request, possibility, obligation, and advice) in a sentence is then explained and exemplified.

After learning about the purpose of each of these modal verbs, the student uses them to complete a dialogue between a tourist and a visitor center agent. Then, they circle the correct modal verb in sentences.


Reading: Lucky Luke’s Store advertisement

The student reads an advertisement about a new shop’s offer and answers the reading comprehension questions. New words are then extracted from the ad (e.g. bargain, discount, promotion, etc.) for the student to match them with appropriate contexts and then with their synonyms.


Video: Cashless shopping

After watching the video about the UK’s first Amazon Fresh Store, the student completes the sentences based on the video using the words brand, privacy, app, and queue. New vocabulary is extracted from the video for the student to match it with the correct meaning.


The lesson ends with a word family exercise where the student completes the table with the missing verbs and nouns.



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