How to have a good conversation

How to have a good conversation

Lesson overview

This ESL lesson mostly focuses on vocabulary related to types of conversation and talkative types of people, while exploring the use of conversational phrases.



Types of conversations are introduced and need to be matched to their meanings (tittle-tattle, gossip, banter, etc.). After that, the student uses them to complete the sentences.



The student discusses which topics are appropriate or inappropriate for different types of conversations.


Nouns to talk about talkative people

The student matches the nouns with their meanings and explains the difference between them (bore, rambler, busybody, etc.). After that, they use them to complete the sentences.


Conversational phrases

Common conversational phrases need to be sorted out as those used for opening a discussion, interrupting, or stopping interruption.

Using the conversational phrases from the table, the student talks about how to have a good conversation.

The student tries to decide what verbs collocate with the word conversation and then decides whether they agree or disagree with the statements related to conversing.


Video: Post-quarantine conversation

After watching a Saturday Night Live skit of partygoers having conversations after the pandemic, the student answers the questions related to the video and completes the meaningless sentences we all use in everyday communication.




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