How to: Ellipsis and Substitution

How to: Ellipsis and Substitution

Lesson overview

In this Grammar lesson, the student will learn how to avoid repetition by using ellipsis and substitution.


Warm-up video: Yadda, yadda, yadda

The lesson starts with a video of Comma Queen explaining the concept of ellipsis. After watching the video, the student answers questions about ellipsis based on the video.



The student analyzes ellipsis examples appearing on street ads. Then, they attempt to create street ads to advertise some of the things on a list.

They match the ellipsis rules with sentence examples.

Next, they practice using ellipsis by rewriting sentences to avoid repetition.



The student learns what words can be used to avoid repeating different sentence parts (do so, believe so, one/ones, so do I, neither do I, etc.). They practice substitution by rephrasing sentences which include repetition.

Finally, they sort out sentence examples based on whether they include substitution or ellipsis.



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