How to deal with failure

How to deal with failure

Lesson overview

This lesson plan for Upper-Intermediate ESL students aims to enhance vocabulary related to coping with failure and to instruct on the usage of causative verbs “have” and “get.”



The session starts with an engaging activity to familiarize students with the idea of coping with failure.



Students will watch a video titled “How to overcome your mistakes.” After watching, a guided discussion will take place, focusing on the main points of the video to improve understanding and speaking abilities.



This segment introduces students to the causative verbs “have” and “get,” explaining their usage and importance.



Students will engage in interactive activities, including fill-in-the-blanks and sentence rephrasing, to practice the application of “have” and “get.”



The reading section includes a short article about managing failure, followed by a discussion on the key concepts and messages, aimed at enhancing reading comprehension and encouraging students to share their perspectives.



Students will be tasked with creating a brief text about a personal failure experience and the lessons learned from it, using causatives “have” and “get.”



The lesson wraps up with a reflective conversation centered on a significant quote about failure, providing a meaningful conclusion to the lesson.



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