How to communicate concisely

How to communicate concisely

Lesson overview

In this ESL grammar lesson, students will learn how to use clauses of contrast, purpose, reason and result in both written and oral communication.



The student  reads a formal email of complaint and identifies clauses of purpose, result, reason, and contrast.



Four types of clauses – purpose, result, reason, and contrast are explained and exemplified, along with the conjunctions. Then, the student practices using and making the clauses through matching exercises, filling in the gaps, and choosing the correct options.


Video: Europe’s greenest city

The student watches the video Paris’ Grand Plan to Become Europe’s Greenest City. Then, they complete the sentences based on the video with the missing information. The new vocabulary is extracted from the video for the student to match it with the definitions.


Reading: A letter to the Council Director

The student reads a letter to the Council Director and completes it with the missing linkers/conjunctions. Then, they choose the correct conjunctions in the Council Director’s announcement.


Reading: Sustainable cities

In another passage, about sustainable cities, the student’s task again is to complete the subordinate clauses with the missing conjunctions.



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