How to camp like a pro

How to camp like a pro

Lesson overview

In this A2 English lesson, students will learn about smart camping hacks. Students will also spend time reviewing all of the verb tenses (Simple Present, Simple Past, Simple Future, Present Continuous, Past Continuous, Present Perfect, and Future Simple). This lesson will also focus on getting students to discuss their camping experiences. 



The lesson starts with a discussion related to camping.


Video: How to keep a tent warm in winter

Before watching the video, the student learns new vocabulary (trap, thermos, cover, etc.) through a matching exercise.

They watch a wikiHow video providing tips on how to keep a tent warm in winter. They answer the questions based on the video and use the new words to complete sentences. They also match some of them with pictures.


Video: How to build a fire

The student watches another wikiHow video – about building a fire. The video is followed by video comprehension practice. The student sorts objects from the list according to their purpose in the process of building a fire.


Video: How to cool beer without a fridge

In another wikiHow video, the student learns how to cool beer without a fridge. After watching it, they reconstruct the procedure using pictures.


Grammar: Review of tenses

The student reviews Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Present Perfect, and Future Simple. Then, they complete several grammar exercises.

In the wrap-up part, the student chooses ten things from a list they would take with them if they were going camping.

They also name the top three places where they would like to camp.

Another one of our plans on camping can be found here.


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