How do you like it cooked?

How do you like it cooked?

Lesson overview

The goal of this Upper Intermediate ESL lesson is to help student learn and use linking words, particularly when describing a method, process or list of instructions. Student will learn the skill of describing food and ways of preparing meals. 



The lesson starts with a short text about how chocolate is made. The student’s task is to identify linking words in the text.


Grammar: Linking words

The student learns more about linking words, the context of their use and specific examples (firstly, secondly, moreover, etc.) Then, they practice using linking words by filling in the gaps and matching them with their synonyms.


Reading: A cooking show 

The student reads a TV chef’s instructions to prepare lasagna. Next, they answer reading comprehension questions. New words are extracted from the text and the student learns their meaning by filling in the gaps (leave out, blend, layers, grate, etc.) 

Moreover, the student gets familiar with different cooking methods (boil, whip, fry, slice, etc.)


Reading: Pancake recipe

The student reads a pancake recipe and completes the reading comprehension that follows. They learn new vocabulary extracted from the recipe by filling in the gaps.


Food idioms

A few food idioms are introduced for the student to fill in the gaps and learn their meaning from context (finger in every pie, piece of cake, bread and butter, etc.)


Video: Greek salad

The student watches a video recipe for Greek salad. Their listening skills are tested in a video comprehension exercise.

Finally, the student revises the cooking vocabulary by matching the ingredient to the dish.



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