Flying tips

Flying tips

Lesson overview

In this Upper-Intermediate ESL lesson, students will learn vocabulary commonly used when speaking about airports and air-travel. They will also learn the difference between formal and informal ways of giving tips or advice, and will practice using them. 



First, the student discusses questions related to traveling by plane


Video: 10 ways to make flying more comfortable

Prior to watching the video, the student learns words and expressions that will appear in it (e.g. noobie, grumpy, hack, tune out, etc.) by matching them with the correct meanings. Then, they practice using this vocabulary by filling in the gaps. 

Next, they watch the video 10 ways to make flying more comfortable and answer video comprehension questions. They also complete the sentences based on the video with the missing words and expressions (e.g. connecting gate, terminal, upgrade, announcement, etc.) and then match them with the right explanations.


How to give advice/tips

The student learns some formal and informal ways to give advice or a tip (e.g. I suggest that, I recommend that, I urge you, You’re gonna wanna, etc.). They practice using these in an exercise where they need to transform a formal tip into an informal one and vice versa.

Finally, they think of two tips for some hypothetical situations.



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