Exploring Earth’s untouched corners

Exploring Earth’s untouched corners

Lesson overview

In this Upper-Intermediate lesson plan, the student will learn vocabulary and discuss explorations and traveling to Earth’s untouched places. The student will also practice using Future Continuous.



A short free talk activity used as a springboard to the lesson.

Vocabulary: Going on a trip

The student learns and reviews words, phrases, and expressions that are useful when discussing traveling (book a flight, fill in an arrival card, go through immigration, etc.).
They put the words from the box into the correct column – type of holiday or holiday activity (city break, sightseeing, cruises, etc.).


Video: Visiting Earth’s untouched corners

The student watches a video about an explorer who goes rock climbing around the world. They answer the video-related questions and describe his adventure experiences by matching each experience with an appropriate adjective (blistering, delirious, extreme, etc.).


Grammar: Future continuous

The student learns how Future Continuous is formed and when it’s used. They put their knowledge into practice by filling in the gaps and circling the correct alternatives.


Discussion: Traveling

The student talks about their traveling essentials and picks a person they’d like to travel with.

They pick a card with travel items, choose the odd one out, and explain why it doesn’t belong.


Reading: Surviving Atacama Desert

The student reads an article about Atacama Desert in Chile and answers the questions based on the text.

Finally, the student plans their vacation by picking a country, place, accommodation, season, and a fellow traveler.



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