Do you know where you’re going to?

Do you know where you’re going to?

Lesson overview

In this A2 English lesson, students will learn about combinations of verbs and prepositions of movement that will help them explain where they are going to. Both verbs and prepositions will be helpful to give directions and describe the way to get somewhere. 



The lesson starts with a light discussion about the student’s experience with traveling. Prepositions are introduced through this exercise because they appear in the discussion questions.


Verbs and prepositions of movement

The student learns about opposite prepositions of movement by matching sentences that contain them (e.g. The cat jumped ON the roof. – The cat jumped OFF the roof.) Then, the student matches the sentences and their illustrations with the correct prepositions (across, towards, over, through, etc.).

Then, incorrectly used prepositions are underlined in sentences and the student’s task is to correct them. Next, they fill in the mind map with the missing preposition.


Video: Human snake

The student watches a fun stop-motion video showing an arcade-game-like ‘snake’ consisting of people moving around town. The student’s task is to follow them closely and tick the sentences that describe their trajectory correctly.


Get in/out vs. get on/off

By filling in the table with means of transport such as taxi, bus, car, bicycle, etc. and proper combination of verb + preposition, the student learns the difference in using these phrasal verbs and which means of transport they collocate with.

In the final part of the lesson, the student answers questions related to movement in order to practice using the verbs and prepositions they learned.



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