Connecting the dots

Connecting the dots

Lesson overview

In this Grammar ESL lesson, the student will learn how to use conjunctions and linking expressions.



In the warm-up activity, the student reads three sentences and tries to guess what word is missing in each of them (connect). This serves as an introduction to the video section.


Video: Connecting the dots

The student watches a short video of an inspirational speech given by Steve Jobs on connecting the dots of life. They answer video comprehension questions. 

Next, the student completes a mind map with synonyms of the word connect.


Grammar: Conjunctions

The lesson switches to linking words, which are used to connect words, phrases, or clauses. The student circles the conjunctions on a list of words (but, after, therefore, because, etc.).

The student learns about the rules of using subordinate clauses by putting sentences together. They learn and practice using subordinate clauses and conjunctions in a number of exercises (filling in the gaps, matching, underlining, true or false).

They learn how to correctly use conjunctions although, though, and even though and how to differentiate between them. In the same way, they learn about in spite of and despite. Furthermore, they learn to talk about a sequence of events using appropriate adverbials.


Grammar: Adverbials

The student learns about different types of adverbials by putting them in correct categories adverbials of supplementation, result, and contrast.


The lesson ends with a few exercises related to the use of nevertheless and nonetheless.



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