Commuting is bad for your health

Commuting is bad for your health

Lesson overview

In this Upper-Intermediate lesson plan, students will learn language related to commuting and transport.



The student reads a paragraph and identifies the language about commuting and getting around (infrastructure, transportation networks, public transport, etc.).


Vocabulary: Getting around

The student learns some more expressions to talk about traffic (bumper to bumper, detour, rush hour, etc.) and matches them with their meanings. Then, they use the expressions to complete sentences.

The student, then, writes antonyms for expressions used to talk about commuting and traffic (run out of gas, time consuming, one-way, etc.).

Next, they complete a work email using the words from the box (remotely, telecommute, gridlock, etc.).

The student sorts out commuting problems and solutions (obesity, carpooling, fatigue, flexible working hours, etc.).


Video: Commuting is bad for your health

The student watches a video explaining why commuting is bad for our health and completes the video comprehension practice.


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