Can traveling change who you are?

Can traveling change who you are?

Lesson overview

The student gets to discuss what traveling can and can’t do for them. They learn and practice using prepositional verbs.



The lesson starts with an association exercise. The student matches the words that describe travel (trek, excursion, family time, etc.).


Vocabulary: Traveling experience

The student learns new words by matching them with the correct definitions (vigor, captivate, dopamine, etc.).


Reading: Benefits of traveling

The student reads about the benefits of traveling and answers the reading comprehension questions.


Video: Romano Tours

The student watches an SNL sketch Romano Tours, explaining why traveling can’t change who you are. They answer the questions that follow.


Grammar: Prepositional verbs

The student learns about prepositional verbs and gets familiar with the examples (laugh at, listen to, look after, etc.).

They practice by finding the mistakes with prepositional verbs and correcting them.



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