Box breathing

Box breathing

Lesson overview

In this Intermediate ESL lesson, students will watch a short video about a simple breathing technique. They will learn common vocabulary for health related to breathing, as well as some common collocations. They will also have a chance to give instructions on how to do the breathing exercise. 



The lesson starts with a few warm-up questions about breathing exercises.


Video: Box breathing

Prior to watching a video, the student gets familiar with new vocabulary to understand the video (inhale, exhale, in a row, etc.). The student practices using the new words by looking for mistakes in sentences and fixing them.
The student watches the video about the box breathing relaxation technique and answers video comprehension questions.

Next, they complete the box breathing steps using the vocabulary they had previously acquired.

They complete sentences extracted from the video by adding the missing words related to health. These words and expressions then appear in a matching exercise (reduce blood pressure, improve mood, reduce stress, etc.). The student then uses these words and phrases to complete sentences.


Wrap-up discussion

In the final discussion, the student gets a chance to talk about what they learned and practice using new vocabulary.

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