Both hands on the wheel!

Both hands on the wheel!

Lesson overview

In this Advanced ESL lesson, students will look at vocabulary for cars and discuss ‘distracted driving.’  They will also practice giving warnings in dangerous situations, and will look at how to use fronting for emphasis in spoken English.


Opening discussion and vocabulary check-up

As a warm-up activity, the student discusses safe driving and distracted driving with the teacher. This is followed by a vocabulary check-up, where the student needs to identify parts of the car interior and exterior and sort them out. Then, the student matches these words with the correct definitions.


Video: Distracted driving

The student watches a video about the dangers of distracted driving and discusses questions related to the video.


Reading: different types of distractions

In this part of the lesson, the student reads about different types of distractions (manual, visual, and mental).


Giving warnings

For the purpose of practicing giving warnings, the student imagines they are in the passenger’s seat and decides which responses to the situation are appropriate. Then, they find and correct the mistakes in warning sentences.


Grammar: fronting for emphasis

The student learns what fronting is and why it is used in spoken English (fronting with be, place and movement, and fronting with question words). Each explanation is followed by a practice section in which the student rephrases the sentences using fronting and finds the mistakes in different fronting structures.



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Paola Chamorro

I like this lesson, thank you !

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Thank you, Paola! :)

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