Are you ready to work out?

Are you ready to work out?

Lesson overview

The goal of this lesson is to introduce certain phrasal verbs to help students build their range of nuance. Students will also learn to use new language and expressions related to sports and fitness.



The lesson starts with a short paragraph about a workout addict. The student reads the text and identifies phrasal verbs.


Phrasal verbs

The structures of both types of phrasal verbs are explained and exemplified (separable and inseparable) as well as both types of meanings – literal and metaphorical. The student then learns and practices phrasals with the verb take. Next, they sort out phrasals based on their meaning – literal or metaphorical.


Reading: What a student says about sports

The student reads a passage to find out what an average student thinks of sports. New words are extracted from the text for the student to guess their meanings and use them in sentences (dislike, liberating, loyalty, etc.).


Reading: Which sport is it?

The student reads brief descriptions of different sports and then answers questions about them.


Sport metaphors

The student matches sport metaphors with their meanings (neck and neck, skate around, equal situation, etc.). Next, they match the metaphors to the sport they belong to. They also practice using them in a sentence.


Video: How to breathe whilst running

The student watches a video about breathing efficiently while running and answers video comprehension questions.



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