Are you a commuter or a cyclist?

Are you a commuter or a cyclist?

Lesson overview

This lesson plan for Upper Intermediate students focuses on building their vocabulary around the themes of cycling, a healthy mindset, and sport-life balance, and getting them comfortable with complex forms of gerunds and infinitives.



We’ll kick things off with a fun activity where students talk about different types of cycling.



Next, students will watch “Culture Clash: Are There Really Two Types of Cyclists?” After watching, the students will tackle questions that dive into the video’s key points.



In this part, students will work on using complex forms of gerunds and infinitives correctly, with some clear examples to guide them.



Then, it’s time for some hands-on practice. Students will fill in gaps in sentences and match words to their meanings, applying what they’ve learned.



Students will read an article about the risks of cycling too much and answer some challenging questions to make sure they’ve understood the material.



To wrap up, there’ll be a discussion based on a cycling quote.



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