A cleanse won’t detox your body

A cleanse won’t detox your body

Lesson overview

In this Advanced ESL lesson, the student will learn and practice idioms and expressions related to food, dieting and body cleansing.


Warm-up discussion

The lesson starts with a saying – We are what we eat, and a few questions related to dieting.


A trend or a fad?

The student explains the difference between a trend and a fad and decides whether something is a trend or a fad.


Vocabulary: fad diets

The student is presented with different fad diets and matches them with the correct descriptions (Atkins diet, Ketogenic diet, Pescetarian diet, etc.).


Reading: expressions and idioms related to food

The student reads an opinion about whether we should buy organic food or not and expresses their opinion about the topic.

Then, they answer reading comprehension questions.
New expressions are taken out from the text for the student to match them with their meanings (go the extra mile, out of this world, put your heart and soul into it, etc.). Next, they use the expressions to fill in the gaps.

The student is introduced to some common food-related idioms and expressions (e.g. grab a bite, pig out, treat yourself, etc.) that they need to match with the definitions. Then, they use them to complete a dialogue.



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