A bad decision is better than no decision

A bad decision is better than no decision

Lesson overview

In this ESL Intermediate lesson, students will work on their vocabulary around the concept of decision making and practice expressing their preferences comfortably.



The lesson begins with an engaging activity where students analyze a decision-making-related graph, sparking conversation.



Students will view a video titled “How to Make a Decision.” Following the viewing, they will answer questions on the main ideas presented in the video.



This section is dedicated to mastering how to express preferences effectively, supported by straightforward examples for clarity.



Students will actively apply their new knowledge through various activities, including filling in sentence blanks and matching terms with their definitions. Additionally, they’ll participate in a decision-making game tailored to different scenarios.



The reading component involves an insightful article on decision making, followed by comprehensive questions to ensure a deep understanding of the text.



The lesson concludes with a thought-provoking discussion inspired by a well-known quote.



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