Learning on the Move: Using Travel ESL Lesson Plans in One-On-One Teaching

Learning on the Move: Using Travel ESL Lesson Plans in One-On-One Teaching

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Teaching English one-on-one is like going on an epic road trip with a friend, where you’re the driver, and your student is the co-pilot. The destination? Becoming confident in English! One fantastic way to make this journey feel like a fun and exciting adventure is through travel ESL lesson plans. And with cool stuff like matching exercises and authentic videos, your lessons will never feel dull!

Why Travel-Themed Lessons?

You know how we often find ourselves chatting about our last holiday, or that place we’re dying to visit? That’s exactly why travel-themed lessons are so awesome. They’re about more than just English; they’re about sharing stories, exploring new cultures, and planning dream vacations, all while learning English in a way that’s enjoyable and relevant.

Personalizing the Lessons

What’s really cool about teaching one-on-one is that you can tailor your lessons to what your student is into. Do they love food? Excellent! You can have lessons on ordering meals in English in different countries. Maybe they’re into nature and hiking? Awesome, dive into English vocab about outdoor gear and the world’s best hiking spots. The key is to use travel as a way to make English something they can connect with and get excited about.

Components of a Travel ESL Lesson

So, how do you put together a travel ESL lesson? You kick things off with a friendly chat about a travel-related topic. This gets your student relaxed and ready to learn. Next up is teaching some travel-themed words and phrases.

The Fun Part: Matching Exercises and Authentic Videos

But here comes the exciting part: matching exercises! These are a bit like puzzles, where your student needs to match new words with their meanings or pictures. It’s a fun and interactive way to practice vocabulary.

Then it’s time to bring out the big guns: authentic videos. These could be anything from travel vlogs, documentary clips, or interviews with travelers. Watching these videos is not just entertaining, but it’s also a great way for your student to hear the language they’ve been learning used in real-life situations.


Next, we have role-playing. It’s a bit like playing a game of make-believe, where your student gets to use English as if they’re really traveling. They could pretend to check into a hotel, order a meal, or ask for directions.

Wrapping Up with a Travel Quiz

Finally, you could finish up your session with a fun travel quiz. The quiz could test your student’s knowledge on vocabulary, phrases, or facts from the lesson, making learning English not just educational but also a game that they can win!


In short, travel ESL lesson plans are more than just about teaching English; they’re about taking your student on a world tour from the comfort of your room. And as their teacher, it’s your job to make the journey as fun and educational as possible!

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