How to use english4tutors

How to use english4tutors

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For those of you wondering how to use the materials published on this website, please keep reading 🙂

Once you open any lesson, you will notice that it has links to three separate files.

Two are pdf versions of the lesson plan – one for student and one for teacher with the answer key. These are to be used primarily in face-to-face tutoring. You can print both, give one to the student and keep the other one for yourself.

The other link is to a Google Slides file that contains the same plan but in a more interactive form. You can share the link to this file or share your screen with the student and use the slideshow to go through the slides. We highly recommend the slideshow option, as it makes the class more fluent and fun.

Of course, you can use the Google Slides version of the plan for face-to-face tutoring as well. The choice is yours.

Have fun using our materials. In case of any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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