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How to teach vocabulary

How to teach vocabulary

Blog / Tips and tricks

Effective vocabulary teaching has always been a difficult and challenging task for ESL teachers. Is it possible to divert students from learning new vocabulary by heart as if it was a multiplication table? We at english4tutors believe it is. Our writers tend to follow a 4-step pattern when it comes to learning key vocabulary in every lesson:

1. Introducing new vocabulary

The student meets new words for the first time by watching a video or reading a passage. 

2. Identifying the meaning

The key vocabulary is extracted from the text/video, so the student matches each word or phrase to its meaning, based on the context in which they were used. 

3. Vocabulary reproduction

The student uses newly acquired vocabulary to complete sentences, that way revising what they’ve learned.

4. Creative use of vocabulary

The last and most important step of learning vocabulary successfully is using it in speech to express one’s opinion, provide a description, or tell a story. 

The student is asked a question containing a key word or is encouraged to use key vocabulary in their answer, as part of various speaking exercises – pick a card, talk about personal experiences, describe a picture or a situation, discuss questions related to the topic, etc.

Go ahead and see for yourself! 🙂


About Tijana
About Tijana

Tijana is an ESL Teacher, Teacher Trainer, and ESL Content Creator with a decade-long working experience. She designed 300+ lesson plans for Lingua Britannica where she also acted as a Head of Content. Tijana holds a B.A. in Applied Linguistics from UVic, an M.A. in Curriculum and Education from UBC, as well as a 120-hour TEFL certificate.

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