How to improve your skills in teaching Business English?

How to improve your skills in teaching Business English?

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Business English lessons can be called a bestseller when it comes to lessons for adult learners. Most adult learners aim to master Business English, which they need for their professional development. From a teaching point of view, Business English requires tutors to constantly strive to develop and expand their competencies. How to do it?

How to prepare for Business English lessons?

Proper lesson planning is the key to success, regardless of the type of lesson. This applies to in-company courses as well as individual lessons conducted outside the learner’s working environment. Before you start planning, analyze the needs. This is important because every group is different and therefore has different expectations of the lessons. Only by knowing the needs, you can adapt a specific lesson plan to them. If you have problems preparing your lessons and already know that it is too demanding for you, use the ready-made ESL Business English materials. They will be a kind of signpost for you. The ready-made plans can speed up your work considerably. This will certainly be noticed by novice tutors. How to assess the materials properly? Pay attention to their usefulness from the learners’ perspective. Even very well-prepared and precise ESL Lesson Plans will not be helpful if they are not adapted to the expectations of the learners. Once again, properly selected materials are an essential part of any lesson!

Practical use of Business English

Adult learners have specific goals, and when they talk about motivation, they often emphasize the practical aspect. The idea is to learn what will actually be useful. When choosing ESL Business English plans, pay attention to thematic consistency. For example, if your clients work in the financial sector, work with materials that include vocabulary related to that industry. Do not look for substitutive topics such as architecture or project management. To make language learning practical, make sure that the ESL Lesson Plans are based on authentic materials, such as extracts from articles related to the particular industry, statements of experts, or news. These materials have to not only be practical but also interesting and up-to-date. Adult learners prefer to work with authentic and up-to-date materials during their Business English courses. They should be thematically related to the current situation or reality and not the one from 10 years ago…

Appropriate approach to lessons

Due to the specific nature of business language, higher requirements are imposed on the tutor conducting this type of lesson. This is primarily about the approach to lessons that can be understood in several ways. Firstly, take care of your business attire, especially if you conduct lessons in a company with a dress code. Secondly, remember that you teach adult learners who do not want constant control and questions about homework. Do not expect an excuse, because people who are part of a business are busy and usually find time for lessons between work activities. A better method than admonishing will be to motivate them.

Choose the right methods and create a lesson plan

The most important thing is a good plan and properly selected methods. There are many of them, so choosing the right method for the chosen ESL Lesson Plan is often a challenge! They should be tailored to the module and based on creativity. This element is very important, and even ESL Business English lesson plans take it into account. In teaching adults, the beginning and the end of the lesson are particularly important. The first minutes of the lessons are to arouse the interest of the learners, while the last minutes serve as a quick and enjoyable conclusion to the whole lesson. This is the perfect time to introduce additional materials, funny memes, and non-obvious phrases and to use games such as guessing what is in the picture or guessing the given words. The ideal Business English lesson is one in which the beginning and the end matter.

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